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Dark Wash Denim and How To Wear

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Unlike the other washes, what constitutes as ‘dark denim’ is up for discussion. For clarity, here we’re talking raw indigo and charcoal shades – essentially anything more or less uniform in colour that isn’t black.

As a rule of thumb, the darker the denim (and the less detailing), the better pieces lend themselves to being dressed up for more formal occasions. Yet despite this versatility, there are still a few things to consider.

Due to its relative stiffness, raw denim (which has been left unwashed after manufacturing) isn’t usually found in skinny fits. However, a slightly wider, slim- or straight-leg is no bad thing and will ensure that any early 2000s dodgy denim vibes are stopped in their tracks.

Whether combined with off-duty staples such as a sweatshirt or a blazer for a solid smart-casual mix, you’ll need to consider the balance of your overall outfit.

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