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Expert Tailor and what this means?

Top qualifications of tailors don't have exact description. Some people can argue it is Dressmaker or it is Bespoke Tailor and sow on..... I can only tell you, to call somebody "Expert" this professional must have big experience. For tailor to achieve some expertly in the profession , it is means tailor must start from seamstress and work at lest few years, then learn how to make pattern for real body and different styles. this prosses take also 2-3 years. One more period it is when tailor start learn to do fitting on body of customer , this period never stop, more practice tailor have it is better . And also during all this time tailor learn everything about fabrics and how fabric behave during work with it, and what fabric better use for different styles. Long store short to be expert it takes from 10-15 years.


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