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Not all Tailors are the same.

Not all tailors are have equal qualification . When you looking for tailor ,you should realize, maybe you not always need the highest qualification of the tailor , for example:

if you just need shorten pants or jeans ,you don't need custom tailor for this job. Usually

custom tailor it is the highest qualification, and this tailors was trained to create any peace of clothing from start to finish and usually it will be more expensive, but at this moment if you will chose tailor from cleaners it will be more reasonable priest. Many people not realize what kind of tailors qualifications exist. For example for custom made dress you need Dressmaker. For custom made shirt you need Shirtmaker. for custom made suits or tuxedo you need Custom Tailor, and very seldom some tailors have enough knowledge to do it all . this will be the highest qualification. I hop it will help you make write choice.


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